CARA Webinars

cara-awardsThe Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) offers a wide range of webinars throughout the year covering topics from ethics to contracts, finance, metrics grants and project management. 

CARA’s webinar platform is an excellent opportunity to increase skill sets, knowledge base, networking, sharing best practices for challenges and solutions and obtaining first-hand information on Tri Council and provincial funding changes/updates. 

The cost to enroll for a webinar is $90 for CARA Members and $150 for Non-members.  To learn more about CARA or become a member, please visit the CARA website

Upcoming key webinars for August and September 2018.  The complete list of webinars is available here

Role of the Project Manager in Research AdministratioAugust 17, 2018

What does a project manager do in research? Hear an active professional in the field describe the activities, relationships, and opportunities in the growing field of research management and administration.

Strategies for Effective Research Facilitation September 6, 2018

Research facilitation is a credible profession. An ever increasing number of individuals are considering a career in research administration.

This presentation will cover several strategies that are essential for effective research facilitation based on 12 years of personal experience including keeping track of your research activities, working closely with your supervisor, having a realistic work plan, getting to know your faculty, connecting with peers, and finding a mentor. Important topics such as overtime hours, staying healthy and maintaining your passion will also be discussed. Lastly, the presentation will wrap up with 15 practical tips to maximize your work performance.

Not So Dangerous Liaisons: How to Foster a Close Working Relationship with Industry and Community Stakeholders,  September 10, 2018

In the college system, industry engagement is an integral factor in the running of projects; in fact, many grants require an industry partner for projects. The role of industry and community liaison is therefore integral to every stage of running research projects, from project recruitment through to completion and disseminating results. However, small research offices may not have one full-time person dedicated to this role, due to funding challenges or staffing models, and may instead share it among a number of individuals.

This workshop will explore best practices for industry engagement at all stages of project development, from recruitment to completion, as well as general community outreach to support research projects, disseminate research results and communicate with broader community stakeholders.

Advanced Grants Crafting.  September 12, 2018

This presentation will address one of the key challenges in proposal development: how to elevate a proposal to the ‘safe zone’ for funding competitiveness. Many grants are fundable, but few are funded. What makes the difference? At the ‘top’ of the ranks, what can one do to optimize funding success? And how can one modify ‘near-miss’ grant to get funded on resubmission? In this webinar, Dr McArthur will discuss advanced grantscrafting strategies and approaches that can help change a grant’s review from good to excellent to fund.

A Research Hospital’s Perspective on Small “r” Research and Youth Outreach Programs. September 20, 2018

Research Facilitation and Development at Hamilton Health Sciences continues to impact health research through an enterprise of research inquiry led by individuals and teams of health professionals across a range of disciplines, as well as engaging high school students across Ontario. Supporting small “r” research and inspiring youth are two examples of development pathways at Hamilton Health Sciences in recognition that research is central for the development of new knowledge and being a leader in research, innovation and learning.

This session will provide insight into how mentorship and early training pathways are key for developing clinical health researchers and influencing youth toward pursing health -related studies/research careers.