CARA Webinars

cara-awardsThe Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) offers a wide range of webinars throughout the year covering topics from ethics to contracts, finance, metrics grants and project management. 

CARA’s webinar platform is an excellent opportunity to increase skill sets, knowledge base, networking, sharing best practices for challenges and solutions and obtaining first-hand information on Tri Council and provincial funding changes/updates. 

The cost to enroll for a webinar is $90 for CARA Members and $150 for Non-members.  To learn more about CARA or become a member, please visit the CARA website

Upcoming key webinars for October and November 2018.  The complete list of webinars is available here

How to use social media engagement to ensure research’s real-world impact –  October 9, 2018

Learn how to build a strategy for helping your organization’s research be translated into real world impact. Knowledge mobilization–specifically, the uptake of research by policymakers–has changed in recent years with the rise of the social Web. Citations in public policy documents can now be tracked and correlated with other online engagement data (e.g. tweets, newspaper mentions, Facebook shares, and so on) to help us form a more complete picture of how well-publicized research can better impact public policy. We will also discuss popular strategies for engagement with policymakers that can help researchers and research administrators better ensure knowledge mobilization for their studies.

Grantbusters: Identifying Funding Sources/SOS Subventions October 10, 2018

Dealing with funding opportunities received from various sources is like a fishing expedition. How does the office of research make sure to send the right info to the right person? This presentation will focus on principles and strategies that the Université de Montréal applies to inform properly its community of research. We will present different types of information dissemination (eg. newsletter, PIVOT) as well as issues and challenges met.

Resume WorkshopOctober 11, 2018

Resumes are not just for job hunting! Don’t wait until you are looking for a new position to update your resume – it is also valuable tool to use for performance reviews, goal setting, sharing with peers, identifying skill gaps, applying for awards and celebrating your many achievements. The webinar will address common errors and suggestions on how to add value to this vital career tool.

It is a free 30 minute webinar on how to maximize the value of your CARA membership and will cover our many programs and volunteer opportunities. Please bring any questions you have and join our LinkedIn group too!

Collaborating Across Sectors: Setting up research collaborations for successOctober 24, 2018

The stereotype of the independent researcher alone in their lab is rapidly being eroded. To be successful, researchers often need to collaborate not only with other researchers, but also with groups outside of academia. This presents a challenge for both the researcher and the research administrator looking to facilitate a successful collaboration. This webinar is aimed for research administrators supporting researchers working on or wishing to amplify their research through collaboration. Information on how to set up and support collaborative research with industry, government and first nations will be presented by members of Pisces Research Project Management, specialists in managing collaborative research projects

Institutionalizing Research Impact ServicesOctober 31, 2018

Have you ever read a knowledge mobilization plan in a SSHRC application? How about a KT plan for CIHR application or an application to any of the health charities? How about a KTEE plan for an NCE or an NCE KM which is basically a 4 year knowledge mobilization program? If you have then you are already fulfilling an institutional role that supports research impact. But there are more opportunities and organizational constructs that can help to create the conditions to maximize the economic, social and environmental impacts of research. Drawing on +12 years experience with York’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit and with Research Impact Canada, this webinar will present some roles that institutions can play to support our researchers/students and their research partners as they collaborate towards impact.

Building major infrastructure projects from the ground upNovember 1, 2018

This webinar will cover key topics related to pre-award development of major infrastructure projects, including people-based (eg, multi-institutional teams, training programs, networks) and tool/facility-based (eg, institutional, regional, national CFI projects) initiatives. We will address steps and strategies for turning a big idea into a competitive, fundable project grant, including brainstorming the ideas and then building: (i) consensus about research/training focus and priorities; (ii) pragmatic, feasible activities and components; (iii) practical budget and sustainability plan; and (v) appropriate governance and management — for when the funding comes in!