N2 Canada

N2 Canada and the CITI Canada Online Training and Certification Courses

The Networks of Networks (N2 Canada) is a nN2 Logoot-for-profit organization and an alliance of Canadian research networks and organizations working to enhance national clinical research capability and capacity.

The two cornerstones of clinical research are the protection of human participants and the integrity of data collected. Among N2 Canada’s key activities is the creation and distribution of training and quality assurance resources and tools to raise the national standard for the conduct of clinical research.

N2 Canada’s resources are based on CITI Canada guidelines. The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) was developed to promote the public’s trust in research by providing standardized high quality, peer-reviewed, web-based educational courses for the research community. Courses in research, ethics, regulatory oversight, responsible conduct of research and research administration are designed for member organizations and individual learners.

Through our membership affiliation with N2 Canada, HHS Research is able to provide free CITI Canada online training and certification courses for members of our research community.

 CITI Canada Online Training and Certification Platform of Courses Available:

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) – Basic and Refresher modules
  • CITI Canada Privacy Course
  • Health Canada Division 5 – Drugs for Clinical Trials Involving Human Subjects
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) – Life Science Canada
  • Biomedical Research Ethics Tutorial – Canada
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG/IATA) – Canada
  • Social and Behavioral Research – Canada

To obtain access and log-in instructions or if you have any questions about CITI Canada training and certification courses, please contact your respective institutional administrator:

Hamilton Health Sciences: Daniela Bianco, Manager – Research Development and Relations

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton: Adam Weerdenburg, Research Quality Assurance Officer

McMaster University, FHS: Augusta Beck, Senior Advisor – Major Programs