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training certificationHamilton Health Sciences Research has compiled a key training resource for investigators and research staff working under the auspices of our research enterprise. We are now offering access to training and certification courses, as well as reference tools to help fulfill the standards governed by federal and provincial regulatory and legislative bodies.

We have partnered with accredited organizations and associations to offer self-paced online learning relevant to the full spectrum of research activity, from research administration to clinical trials to basic research. As a member of the HHS research community, access to a platform of training and certification courses and professional development opportunities has never been easier.

Research Administration has developed a Research Orientation Slide Deck for investigators and research staff new to Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS). To learn more about the HHS research enterprise and key operations material, click on each hyperlink in the below table of contents:


Online learning is available to all members of the HHS research community at no cost, from the following organizations:

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N2 CITI Canada 

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In addition, HHS Research is fostering engagement with CARA – the Canadian Association for Research Administrators. With more than 1,000 members, CARA offers a myriad of activities that include career and professional development, recognition and awards, advocacy and mentorship programs.

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CARA membership benefits

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Note: Research studies undergoing an external sponsor audit must notify the Research Compliance and Support Services team at the earliest opportunity so that support and resources can be provided to the investigator and/or research team members. In addition, investigators are required to share evidence of study team completed training records (both study-specific and generic) and must submit these to the Research Compliance and Support Services team once available.