HR and Operational Support

Research Administration, in coordination with Hamilton Health Sciences Human Resources, has identified dedicated resources to support the HR needs of the research community. A Human Resources Consultant is available for any research personnel questions, including assistance with hiring arrangements, posting positions, and any other Human Resources questions associated with your research program. 

For more information, please contact Vanessa Manning at manningv@hhsc.ca or email rcss@hhsc.ca 

  • HHS HR - Basic Guidelines
    • All temporary research positions are subject to the same hiring procedures as other HHS staff; ie: employee health clearance, corporate orientation, WHMIS and fire safety training (as per HHS Policy HR- New Employee Orientation)
    • Temporary research employees are often incorrectly referred to as "contract", but are in fact, HHS temporary employees, Do not use "contracts" to hire any employees.¬†
    • A temporary position should have a termination date that coincides with the research project funding, but must not exceed one year from the date of hire.¬†
    • A temporary position continuing for more than one year may constitute a permanent employment status legally and, therefore, severance implications exist upon termination. Please contact 905-393-2700 should this situation arise (as per HHS Policy HR - Job Posting and Selection Process, Sec. 2.8)¬†
    • Regular part-time employees who are scheduled for 20 or more hours a week will be eligible for HHS benefits.¬†
    • Occasional part-time/regular part-time employees scheduled for less than 20 hours a week, or temporary employees will receive 13% in lieu of benefits. If the occasional or part time employee enrolls in the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), the percentage in lieu is reduced to 9%. Temporary employees are not eligible to enroll in HOOPP (as per HHS Policy HR - Employee Benefits). HHS employees may not hold more than one position at HHS.¬†

    Employment Status Terminology

    • Temporary: an employee hired to work either full-time or part-time for a specific period, not to exceed one year
    • OPT: an occasional part-time employee without specific scheduled hours
    • Part-Time: a permanent, regular part-time employee, working 20 or fewer hours per week (receives percentage in lieu in place of benefits), OR working standardized part-time hours of over 20 hours per work (receives part-time benefits)
    • Full-Time: a permanent employee working 37.5 hours per week

    For more information please contact Human Resources

  • HHS HR - Hiring Research Staff
  • HHS HR - Research Services Resource Pool
    • We provide a pool of qualified, vetted research professional including research coordinators and assistants to support research projects across HHS, managed by Sasha Eskandarian, Manager, Research Compliance and Support Services.¬†
    • The Resource Pool will provide efficient ongoing research operational support and can be uitilized as soon as Principal Investigators are ready to embark on a new clinical trial or research project. The Resource Pool can also serve as an immediate and temporary measure to bridge and¬† build continuity for clinical trials when needed.¬†
    • The Research Compliance and Support Services team, can offer valuable consultation and advice on strategic directions for planning and executing new and ongoing research projects and clinical trials. For more information, please contact rcss@hhsc.ca
  • HHS HR - Non-Paid Positions

    Hiring a Volunteer for Research at Hamilton Health Sciences

    At Hamilton Health Sciences, volunteers for research are called Research Visitors. A Research Visitor is a person who performs tasks for research at HHS, without monetary compensation. Research Visitors have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with research conducted at HHS, under the supervision of a Principal Investigator (PI). 

    Hiring Criteria for a Research Visitor

    The following hiring criteria must be met before HHS will move forward with hiring a Research Visitor:

    In addition, each potential candidate must be interviewed by the PI and his/her Research Coordinator/Lead to ensure s/he is a good fit for the team, and two reference checks must be performed. 

    Process for Onboarding Research Visitors

    Once these criteria have been met, please forward the Research Visitor's name, current CV, and evidence of successful completion of the training and tutorials referenced above to Barb Pereira to begin the onboarding process via HHS Volunteer Resources. 

    For any questions on how to hire a Research Visitor, please contact Barb Pereira at pereibar@hhsc.ca 

  • HHS HR - General Research HR Hiring Process Flowchart