HR and Operational Support

Our Strategic Focus

“Creating a collaborative research environment through a more efficient organizational structure and focused administrative processes.”

Research Services Resource Pool

  • We provide a pool of qualified, vetted research professionals including research coordinators and assistants to support research projects across HHS, managed by Sasha Eskandarian Manager, Research Compliance and Support Services..
  • Resource pool will provide efficient ongoing research operational support. The Resource Pool can be utilized as soon as Principal Investigators are ready to embark on new Clinical Trials or projects. The Resource Pool can also serve as an immediate and temporary measure to bridge and build continuity for the clinical trials when needed.
  • Research Compliance and Support Services team, can offer valuable consultation and advice on strategic directions for planning and executing new and ongoing research projects and clinical trials. For more information, please contact Sasha at

Human Resources Support

  • Working collaboratively with Principal Investigators, as well as the HHS Human Resources Business Partner we ensure successful planning and implementation of corporate initiatives and programs. We provide leadership, guidance and support to all Principal Investigators, research staff and the resource pool on all Human Resource-related matters. For more information, please contact Sasha Eskandarian at

Research Administration, in coordination with Hamilton Health Sciences Human Resources, has identified dedicated resources to support the HR needs of the research community. A Human Resources Consultant is available for any research personnel questions, including assistance with hiring arrangements, posting positions, and any other Human Resources questions associated with your research program. The links below provide additional information and an overview of HHS HR policies.

HHS HR — Basic Guidelines
HHS HR — Non-Paid Positions


HHS HR — General Research HR Hiring Process Flowchart