New Investigator Fund (NIF)

Hamilton Health Sciences’ commitment to “first stage” research led to the creation of the New Investigator Fund (NIF). The NIF provides a unique opportunity to foster and support a culture of inquiry for novice investigators under the mentorship of senior researchers. The NIF provides project funding to front-line staff ( who are healthcare professionals and medical staff) towards research initiatives directly relevant to the Clinical Mission, Strategy–Pillars and Strategic Directions of Hamilton Health Sciences. Priority areas for funding include the following:

  1. Consistent with, and likely to enhance, the main clinical programs/priorities at HHS;
  2. Enhances research enterprise/profile at HHS
  3. Multidisciplinary and collaborative (involving more than one department or program or healthcare discipline and institution);
  4. Builds on existing research strengths;
  5. Advances and creates new knowledge that informs patient care by bringing evidence into practice through translation and application;
  6. Conduct of pilot or feasibility studies which could facilitate obtaining funding for full scale studies through independent peer review or other mechanisms.

New Investigator Fund – Guidelines for Application

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New Investigator Fund (NIF)

Important Dates

Spring deadline: April 1, 2019 Fall deadline: October 1, 2019

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