Health Professional Investigator Operating Grant

Funding Available:  up to $15,000 per grant, three grants available for a one-year term.

The Health Professional Investigator (HPI) Operating Grant provides project funding to non-physician principal investigators (PI) who are HHS-employed healthcare professionals. Inter-professional teams, which include physicians, are encouraged, but physicians are not eligible to apply as lead PI for this grant. The HPI Operating Grant is for research initiatives directly relevant to the clinical mission and priorities of HHS (Patients, People, Sustainability, Innovation and Learning). The grant objective is to provide support for pilot studies or research projects that have the potential to lead to larger projects and the possibility of external funding. The HPI Operating Grant offers an opportunity to foster and support a culture of inquiry for early investigators under the mentorship of experienced researchers. Priority areas for funding include the following:

  • Consistent with, and likely to enhance, the main clinical programs at HHS;
  • Multidisciplinary and collaborative (involving more than one clinical area or healthcare profession);
  • Advances and creates new knowledge that informs patient care;
  • Conduct of pilot or feasibility studies which could facilitate obtaining additional funding through independent peer review or other mechanisms;
  • Commitment to dissemination of research findings both internally and externally. Publication of results is an expectation.

The intention of this grant program is consistent with the role of the Director, Clinical  Health Professional Research:

  1. To oversee the development of systems and processes to invest HHS resources in research projects or activities and to work with the Research Administration office;
  2. To act as a key mentor to develop researchers and research leaders at HHS and to develop a mentorship system for encouraging new researchers at HHS; and
  3. To act as a scientific lead for new research initiatives in promising areas, in particular allied health.

Health Professional Investigator Operating Grant – Application Details

A pdf document with HPI details, including: Overview, Eligibility Criteria, eSubmission Requirements, Review Process, Review Criteria, Deliverables and Funding Source. Download Application Guidelines ►

For more information and/or assistance on the submission process, please contact Donna Catherwood, This funding program is led by Dr. Sandra Carroll, Director, Clinical Health Professional Research,

Health Professional Investigator Operating Grant

Important Dates

Submission deadline: October 28, 2017

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Health Professional Investigator Operating Grant – Past Recipients