Clinical Health Professional Personnel Award (CHPA)

The Hamilton Health Sciences Clinical Health Professional Research Personnel Award is a one-time personnel stipend award. The award is to be used to help a suitably qualified non-physician health professional who has demonstrated an aptitude for research to pursue research in their discipline, by providing partial financial support for a portion of time to cover the applicant’s salary.

General Information

  • One new award will be offered in 2017 for the duration of one year. It is expected that the award will begin on July 1, 2017.

  • The value of the award will be up to $50,000 for the purpose of supporting up to 0.40 FTE protected time to be dedicated to research.

  • Funding may be extended for a second year, contingent upon the recipient’s demonstrated progress, productivity, and availability of funds. Refer to CHPA guidelines for requirements and process.


The intention of this award is consistent with the role description of the Director of Health Professional Research, including:

  • To oversee the development of systems and processes to invest HHS resources in research projects or activities and to work with the Research Administration Office,
  • To act as a key mentor to develop researchers and research leaders at HHS and to develop a mentorship system for encouraging new researchers at HHS, and
  • To act as a scientific lead for new research initiatives in promising areas, in particular clinical health profession disciplines.

Clinical Health Professional (CHP) Research Personnel Award – Guidelines for Application

A PDF document with CHP details, including: Overview, Eligibility Criteria, Procedure for Application, eSubmission Requirements, Review Process, Review Criteria and Deliverables.

Download Application Guidelines ►

For more information and/or assistance on the submission process, please contact Donna Catherwood,

This funding program is led by Dr. Sandra Carroll, Director, Clinical Health Professional Research, Interested candidates are recommended to contact Dr. Carroll or Daniela Bianco in advance of their submission.

Clinical Health Professional Personnel Award (CHPA)

Important Dates

Submission deadline:
May 1, 2017

Important Forms

Submit to:

Clinical Health Professional (CHP) Research Personnel Award – Past Recipients