Financial Services

financial-servicesResearch at Hamilton Health Sciences is supported through a combination of industry contracts, external grants from federal/provincial agencies or private health-related foundations and philanthropic support generated by our hospital foundation.

Research Financial Services provides budget and financial services to Research and Trust account holders.

If you already know what you’re looking for, access the Research Account Life Cycle and related Forms and Templates below and additional financial forms here.

If you’re new to our system or need a refresher, please view our 5-step process:

  • Step #1 - Opening a new research account

    Complete the Research and Trust Account Request Form.  A new account must be set up for each different executed contract.


    • Attach the Contract or Award Letter
    • Attach Ethics Approval or reference the approval number
    • Attach Budget
    • Sign Accountability Statement (page 3 of Research and Trust Account Request Form)

    When all of the above items are complete, send the package to Research Administration - Financial Services. Packages are stamped with a receipt date and processing is complete within 9 business days of receipt of completed packages.

    Note:  Missing documents from the above checklist will result in a delay and you will receive an e-mail identifying what is missing in order to proceed.

    You will be notified of your 11-digit account number when the process is complete: Example: 3576.1234567

  • Step #2 - Deposits

    Complete the Deposit Request Form.


    • Include supplemental documentation such as the funding letter, funding source information and account number

    For deposits to HHS Pass-Through Accounts, complete the Pass-Through Deposit Form.

    Pass-Through Accounts are set-up to accommodate researchers working at McMaster University where research transactions will be processed through the University. If HHS is a party to the research agreement, sponsors will make the funds payable to HHS. In order to have the funds transferred to a McMaster research account, the Pass-Through Deposit Form should be completed and HHS will issue a cheque to McMaster University.


    • Include the McMaster Ledge 8, research account: Example: 8-12345
  • Step #3 – Expenses and Paying Bills

    Different expenses may require different forms and supporting documentation.

    To pay invoices or reimburse individuals who are not employees of HHS, complete the Cheque Requisition Form.

    To reimburse a research employee, complete the Research Employee Reimbursement Form.

    To reimburse for local travel and parking, complete the Local Travel Reimbursement Form.


    • Ensure compliance with the agreement and HHS policies
    • Provide sufficient supporting documentation and explanation of the purpose of the expense
    • Ensure there is sufficient funding in the account
    • Ensure the payment is authorized by the proper signing authority. To change the signing authority, complete the Research Financial Services Signing Authorization Form.
    • Ensure the correct sub code is used. Commonly Used Expense Codes listing will help determine the proper code to use 

    NOTE:  An Expense Reimbursement Guidelines document has been created to provide guidance on various types of reimbursements to individuals.

  • Step #4 – Transfers

    For activity between HHS accounts:

    Research Journal Entry/Transfer of Funds Template

  • Step #5 – Account Closures

    Complete the Research and Trust Account Closure Form.


    • Ensure it is signed by the PI or MRP
    • Ensure there are instructions for residual balances or deficits
    • Ensure storage arrangements are finalized
    • Ensure Ethics Approval has been closed with the HiREB office (if applicable)