External Funding

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Opportunities to fund research innovations, programs, personnel, infrastructure and equipment are available through Federal, Provincial and Agency funding opportunities. For internal opportunities visit Internal Funding.

Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Canada advocates with federal, provincial and territorial governments on issues that matter to the Parkinson’s community in Canada. The Parkinson Canada Research Program funds innovative research to search for better treatments and a cure.

2018 Research Awards
As of September 2018, Parkinson Canada and its partners are proud to support 24 new grant, fellowships and student awards. These new awards represent a total of $1,274,382 committed to support new research projects in Canada over the next two years. Including the 11 research awards in their second year, and the 24 new projects, the Parkinson Canada Research Program is currently committed to investing $1,619,382.

The new awards include:

  • 8 Pilot Project Grants
  • 4 new Investigator Awards
  • 3 Basic Research Fellowships
  • 1 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship
  • 1 Clinical Research Fellowship
  • 7 Graduate Student Awards

For more information about current funding opportunities, important dates, and Applicant FAQs, please visit The Parkinson Canada Research Program webpage. All applicants are encouraged to read the Applications Guidelines.

CIHR Funding Opportunities

CIHR announced the following funding opportunities through the Institute of Health Service and Policy Research and Institute of Population and Public Heath.


Under the Transitions in Care (TiC) multi-Institute strategic initiative, CIHR has designed a new funding opportunity to address improved health and wellness by transforming health systems for optimized outcomes for individuals experiencing transitions in care. The Team Grants are component 4 under the CIHR TiC multi-Institute initiative.

The TiC Team Grants will offer pragmatic solutions to problems associated with transitions in care from a clinical, health care or health system perspective. The funding opportunity will use a partnerships approach where multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary research teams will identify ways to develop, implement, evaluate and/or scale and spread evidence into practice to optimize transitions in care outcomes within two or more of the TiC primary focus areas.

The Team Grants will require partnership with the health system. In addition, projects integrating eHealth innovation will also require a health technology partner.

The total CIHR amount that will be available for this funding opportunity is $9.6M, enough to fund approximately ten (10) grants. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. Applicants will be required to secure, by the application deadline, partnership contributions equivalent to a minimum of 30% of the total grant amount requested. Of that partnered amount, a minimum of half (i.e., 15%) of the amount must be a cash contribution.

Anticipated timelines:
Program Launch: Summer 2018
Application Deadline: Fall 2018
Notice of Decision: Winter 2019
Funding Start Date: Winter 2019