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HHS Research

  • Ted Scott, PhD, MAppSC, CPHIMS-CA

    Vice President, Research & Chief Innovation Officer


Research Administration

  • Katie Porter, MBA, MA, B. Ed.

    Director, Research Administration

  • Barb Pereira

    Administrative Assistant to Katie Porter, Director

  • Andrea Lee, M.Sc, GDBA

    Research Development & Innovation Officer

  • Goran Marjanovic

    Project Coordinator

Research Agreements and Contracts

  • Lauren Gogo, MBT

    Manager, Research Contracts

  • Sarah Johnson, MA

    Research Contracts Specialist

  • Omar Hleyhel

    Research Contracts Coordinator

Research Capital and Infrastructure

  • Dorothy Mays, MBA

    Manager, Capital & Infrastructure Projects

Research Development and Relations

  • Daniela Bianco

    Manager, Development & Relations

  • Donna Catherwood

    Administrative Assistant to Daniela Bianco

Research Finance

  • Anthony Scandinavo, CPA, CA, MBA

    Director, Research Finance

  • Dana Kilgour

    Administrative Assistant to: Anthony Scandinavo

  • Nicole Castellan

    Manager, Research Finance

Finance Staff

  • Julie Johnstone, CPA, CA

    Senior Advisor

    Account Deficits and Account Inquiries

  • Jeremy Young, CPA, CA

    Senior Advisor

    External Reporting and Account Inquiries

  • Val DiCarlo

    Senior Expense Analyst

    Cheque Requisitions and Employee Reimbursements

  • Kate Szostak, CPA, CGA

    Expense Analyst

    Cheque Requisitions, Employee Reimbursements and Wire Transfers

  • Jillian Wicken, CPA, CA

    Revenue Analyst

    Account Opening, Account Closures and Deposits

  • Jessica Huynh, BComm

    Expense Analyst

    Cheque Requisitions. Employee Reimbursements and Wire Transfers

  • Linda Antonucci

    Expense Analyst

    Cheque Requisitions, Employee Reimbursements and Wire Transfers

  • Kathryn Cowan

    Kathryn Cowan

    Senior Advisor

    JCC Account Inquiries, Financial Reporting, Clinical Trials General Accountant

  • Susan MacGillivray

    Susan MacGillivray

    Expense Analyst

    JCC Cheque Requisitions and Deposits/Invoicing

  • Mary Allen

    Mary Allen

    Research & Trust Analyst

    JCC HHSF Account Inquiries, Invoicing and Procurement


  • Diana Simmons, CPA, CA, CIM®

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Linda Longo, CPA, CGA, CIM®

    Treasury Specialist

  • Jonathan Benoit, CPA, CGA, CIM® Treasury Specialist

  • Trish Killins

    Financial Analyst

Hamilton integrated Research Ethics Board (HiREB):

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