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research-hr-guidelinesHamilton Health Sciences Human Resources — Basic Guidelines

  • All hiring of temporary and permanent staff must be done through the HR Service Centre. Questions may be directed to hrservicecentre@hhsc.ca or 1-877-667-2700. This does not apply to the hiring of McMaster University employees.
  • All temporary research positions are subject to the same hiring procedures as other HHS staff; i.e. employee health clearance, corporate orientation, WHMIS and fire safety training. (As per HHS Policy HR-New Employee Orientation)
  • Temporary Research employees are often incorrectly referred to as “contract”, but are, in fact, HHS temporary employees. Do not use “contracts” to hire any employees.
  • A temporary position should have a termination date that coincides with the research project funding, but must not exceed one year from the date of hire.
  • A temporary position continuing for more than one year may constitute a permanent employment status legally and, therefore, severance implications exist upon termination. Please contact 905-393-2700 should this situation arise. (As per HHS Policy HR-Job Posting and Selection Process, Sec. 2.8)
  • Regular part-time employees who are scheduled for 20 or more hours a week will be eligible for HHS benefits.
  • Occasional part-time/regular part-time employees scheduled for less than 20 hours a week, or temporary employees will receive 13% in lieu of benefits. If the occasional or part time employee enrolls in the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), the percentage in lieu is reduced to 9 per cent. Temporary employees are not eligible to enroll in HOOPP. (As per HHS Policy HR-Employee Benefits) HHS employees may not hold more than one position at HHS.

Employment Status Terminology

Temporary: An employee hired to work either full-time or part-time for a specified period, not to exceed one year
OPT: An occasional part-time employee without specific scheduled hours
Part-time: A permanent, regular part-time employee, working 20 or fewer hours per week, (receives percentage in lieu in place of benefits), OR working standardized part-time hours of over 20 hours per week (receives part-time benefits).
Full-time A permanent employee working 37.5 hours per week


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