PHRI Research Day 2018 a Resounding Success

  • September 10, 2018
  • News

Collaboration was in the air, and the halls abuzz with conversations, during the 2018 PHRI Research Day held at the David Braley Research Institute, highlighting the work of faculty, students and staff working at Population Health Research Institute.

Guest speaker Dr. Alan Bernstein, president of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, kicked off the event with his talk, “The Future of Health Research.” Dr. Tony Hakim, Professor Emeritus, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, spoke on Changing the Scene on Strokes in Canada through a National Network, sharing lessons learned from establishing the Canadian Stroke Network.

Other presentations included Dr. Guillaume Paré on Population to Pathophysiology: the role of Omics research, and Dr. Michael McGillion discussed Integrating Research with Clinical Innovation, with some of his students displaying the SMArTVIEW remote patient monitoring technology.

An engaging panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Sonia Anand, with questions submitted by the audience. Topics ranging from funding to health inequities and challenges in the research landscape nationally and globally, were fielded by panelists Drs. Bernstein and Hakim, as well as guests Drs. Ralph Meyer and Paul O’Byrne.

Poster sessions were reviewed by 10 judges: Ted Scott, VP, Research, HHS, and PHRI researchers Drs. Mike Sharma, Sandra Carroll, David Conen, Catherine Demers, Wes Oczkowski, Deborah Siegal, Mike Walsh, and Tara McCready.

Winners in the category of Residents/Early Faculty:

1st place: Frailty and Cardiovascular Disease: A Meta-analysis of Individual Patient Data to Malik Farooqi (Darryl Leong)

2nd place: Continuing Trastuzumab Despite Overt Left Ventricular Dysfunction: A Combined Retrospective and Prospective Study to Carly Barron(Darryl Leong)

3rd place: Gaps in Prescribing Ticagrelor Over Clopidogrel For Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome at Two Academic Hospitals to Nima Zamiri (JD Schwalm)

In the category of Research Fellows/Students:

1st place: Blood CSF1 and CXCL12 as Causal Mediators of Coronary Artery Disease to Jennifer Sjaarda (Guillame Paré)

1st place: Does Erithropoietin Decrease Perioperative Transfusion in Noncardiac Surgery? A Systematic Review to Shyla Gupta (PJ Devereaux)

2nd place: Pre- and Post- Treatment with Amiodarone for Elective Electrical Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis to Kevin Um (Jeff Healey)

2nd place: Can Expert Physicians Reliably Determine the Etiology of MyoCardial Infarction Based On Clinical Information? to Flavio Borges (PJ Deveraux)

3rd place: Validation of a Simple Bedside Risk Calculator to Predict 30-day Outcomes Among Patients Hospitalized for Heart Failure to Yousif Eliya & Kristen Sullivan (Harriette Van Spall)

3rd place: Association of Vasopressin Plus Catecholamines Alone With Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Distributive Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis to William McIntyre (Jeff Healey, Richard    Whitlock)

In the category of PHRI Staff:

1st place: Application of Latent Class Analysis to Identify Subgroups to Helen Bian (Statistics)

2nd place: Double-Blinding a Surgical Trial: Implementation of Surgeon Data Collection via Email to Kate Brady (Richard Whitlock)

3rd place: COMPLETE: Randomized, Comparative Effectiveness Study of Complete Versus Culprit-Only Revascularization Strategies to Treat Multivessel Disease After Early Percutaneous Coronary  Intervention for ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction to Helen Nguyen (Shamir Mehta)

L to R: Drs. Salim Yusuf and PJ Devereaux chat
with one of the poster session participants

L to R: Ted Scott, HHS; Drs. Richard Whitlock and
Harriette Van Spall, PHRI; and Alan Bernstein,
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

L to R: Drs. Alan Bernstein, Canadian Institute
for Advanced Research; Ralph Meyer, HHS; Paul
O’Byrne, McMaster University; and Tony Hakim,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute