Message from Katie Porter, Director of Research Administration

Patient Engagement in Research

Hamilton Heath Sciences recognizes that the relationship we have with our patients is critical to achieving our goals of providing quality care and an excellent patient experience.K.Porter

In turn, HHS Research acknowledges that patient-centred care must be supported by patient engagement in research. To that end, we are making great efforts to incorporate the patient’s voice into our research enterprise.

We know that involving patients in research priority setting helps ensure the research outcomes that matter most to patients are addressed. We are leading research studies where patients are acting as advisors, providing knowledge and expertise based on their own health experiences. Patient involvement provides us with new insights that can lead to innovative discoveries; in turn, these collaborations provide patients an opportunity to contribute and gain a better understanding of the research process.


Our aim is to support patient-researcher partnerships that are grounded in good communication and shared goals, both in policy and in practice.

We will continue to look for new opportunities for patients to actively collaborate in the design and implementation of research studies at HHS. I welcome your thoughts and insights! In the meantime, check out the feature article about patient engagement, Patient Atrial Fibrillation Day.