Interactive workshop reveals atrial fibrillation research priorities – from a patient’s perspective

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A hands-on workshop designed to identify the patient’s perspective about atrial fibrillation welcomed 26 Hamilton-area patients and their families. Armed with questions and their unique experiences living with atrial fibrillation (AFib), participants had the rare opportunity to exchange ideas with one of Canada’s leading atrial fibrillation research teams.

Entitled, Patient Atrial Fibrillation Day, the event was led by Dr. Sandra Carroll, associate professor, School of Nursing at McMaster University, chair of patient engagement for the Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network (CSPIN), and associate scientist at the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI).

“The impact of atrial fibrillation and associated treatments must be considered carefully from the perspective of patients to ensure that our research and treatments achieve goals that are deemed important and valued by patients,” explains Carroll.

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A presentation by one of Canada’s leading AFib researchers, Dr. Jeff Healey, director, arrhythmia services at Hamilton Health Sciences, welcomed the participants and provided an overview of AFib research in Canada. Dr. Healey is an associate professor of cardiology at McMaster University, the director of CSPIN, and a senior scientist at PHRI.

Following lunch and the presentations, the participants engaged in a facilitated interactive workshop. Addressing questions such as, What is the biggest concern you have about atrial fibrillation? Participants used individual laptop stations to provide their answers, then they worked as a group to identify priorities. As the afternoon progressed, their input was processed, analyzed, ranked and translated into charts. Thanks to the robust survey software the group had an opportunity to get a hint as to how their valuable input would be used going forward.

“The ideas generated by patients at the workshop will inform our research priorities as we continue to move our atrial fibrillation research forward within CSPIN,” says Carroll.

Patient Atrial Fibrillation Day was held on Monday, April 24 at the David Braley Cardiac, Vascular and Stroke Research Institute, funding was provided by a Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Patient Engagement Collaboration grant with Hamilton Health Sciences Research Administration as partner.


Dr. Sandra Carroll, Dr. Jeff Healey, Patient partners David Malcolm and Annette Aquin


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