CFI Vice Presidents’ Update – March 2017

  • March 13, 2017
  • News

Canada Foundation for Innovation – March 2017 VP Update

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) produces a periodic update from its Vice Presidents.  Research Administration has highlighted key information from the March 2017 Issue:

  1. Cyberinfrastructure Initiative – Draft call fro proposals
  2. 2017 College Industry Innovation Fund – Stream 2
  3. Focus Groups on trainees and new investigators
  4. Research Facility Navigator


Cyberinfrastructure Initiative

A draft Call for Proposals was issued for the second competition of Challenge 1 that will focus on projects that bring together a community of researchers from across the country who share similar challenges linked to the availability of research data.  Projects should address existing or emerging challenges for a community of researchers through the development of new tools and applications or novel ways of organizing and using research data to enhance the community’s capacity to conduct leading-edge research.  The CFI welcomes comments to the draft Call for Proposal until March 20, 2017.   

2017 College-Industry Innovation Fund – Stream 2

Stream 2:  Research infrastructure associated with a five-year College and Community Innovation Program – Innovation Enhancement Grant

CFI will continue its collaboration with the Tri-Council Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grants component of the College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program (competition 15). The CFI will accept research infrastructure requests associated with a five-year CCI-IE grant application submitted to NSERC. This joint initiative allows colleges to apply for a comprehensive funding package supporting both research costs (through a CCI-IE grant) and research infrastructure (through CFI’s College-Industry Innovation Fund – Stream 2).

Focus Groups on Trainees and New Investigators

In an effort to be accountable for the use of public funds and to report on progress related to the expectations set out by the Government of Canada, CFI implemented focus groups to learn more about the impact of CFI-funded infrastructure on the research and careers of trainees and new investigators at Canadian universities with particular interest in the influence that CFI funding may have had in attracting trainees/new investigators and positioning them for success. Institutions may be asked to assist in arranging focus groups involving between 8 and 12 trainees/new investigators. To minimize the burden and required resources, focus groups will begin in conjunction with planned monitoring visits.

CFI Research Facilities Navigator update

As part of our annual updating process, CFI contacted 367 labs to verify most complete and up-to-date information about labs/facilities, expertise, services and equipment in Navigator profiles.  Update information are to be sent to by Friday, March 31.  Note changes can be requested/made at any time through the same email address.