Heart & Stroke Research Strategy Update – December 2016

  • December 22, 2016
  • News

The new strategy is a roadmap to re-invigorate Heart & Stroke’s research program.  The Heart & Stroke is advancing this work thoughtfully and in consultation with the research community.  Here are key messages about the strategy:

  • Research Excellence: Research Excellence is the bedrock tenet of the strategy – and it includes a commitment to independent, expert peer review. The SRC meeting provided an excellent opportunity to receive input on the peer review process, which we will share in a future update.
  • Heart & Stroke active leadership: Heart & Stroke is committed to promoting an active research agenda, in facilitating partnerships, networks and other opportunities to drive the CCVD field of research.
  • Increased funding: Increased funding is critical, central to the success of CCVD research. We have a laser focus on this area, and an active partnership with the research community will help to get us there.
  • Heart & Stroke Transformation: Heart & Stroke has transformed to become more modern and bolder in the way we look and the way we talk to Canadians. We need Canadians to understand the urgency and importance of the work we do, and reignite their passion for the cause. Building increased funding for research is important to all of us, and our transformation is one piece of this puzzle. We all need to play our part, and we’re looking to engage researchers in this work as well.