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  • September 28, 2016
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Update from Dr. Paul Kubes, Chair – CIHR Peer Review Working Group

The CIHR Peer Review Working Group has held three two-hour teleconferences since my last update, and as our work wraps up, I wanted to provide the research community with an overview of the outcomes of our discussions … The majority of members have agreed to a key set of recommendations for improving the peer review process for the upcoming Project Grant competition. CIHR has committed to taking these recommendations under consideration and providing updates on their implementation. Read more

 Changes to Project Grant Peer Review Process:

CIHR is implementing changes to the Project Grant peer review process. The changes will reflect the recommendations of the Peer Review Working Group and discussions from the July 13 Working Meeting participants. CIHR is also implementing a new and distinct iterative peer review process for Indigenous health research applications, which is being designed with members of the Indigenous health research community. Read more

List of Peer Reviewers for Foundation Grant and Project Grant 2016 Competitions

Every year, thousands of research applications are evaluated by reviewers who are experts in the same field. Their recommendations are used by CIHR to make funding decisions. The list of reviewers who made the most recent Foundation Grant and the Project Grant competitions possible is now available. View list of Peer Review committee memberships

Interim Iterative Peer Review Process for Indigenous Health Research

CIHR is working with a Reference Group on Appropriate Review Practices for Indigenous Health Research to implement an interim iterative peer review process for applications relevant to Indigenous Health for the Fall 2016 Project Grant competition. Read more

List of Posted Funding Opportunities by CIHR and its Partners


  1. To view the below funding program opportunities use the CIHR Funding Opportunity Database
  • Master’s Award: 2016-2017
  • Operating Grant: CCHS – Nutrition Analysis
  • Operating Grant: Health Effects of the Alberta Wildfires
  • Operating Grant: Improved Immunization Coverage Initiative
  • Operating Grant: PHSI for Cancer Control
  • Other: Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grants


  1. The funding opportunity listed below is located on CIHR’s website.