Opportunity to Participate in Canada’s Fundamental Science Review Process – Sept 30th

  • September 2, 2016
  • News

Invitation to participate in Canada’s Fundamental Science Review – online questionnaire open until September 30, 2016

The federal Minister of Science has commissioned a Fundamental Science Review which examines Canada’s federal funding ecosystem that supports investigator-initiated research.  The review covers all disciplines and includes those projects that might be deemed more applied in orientation.   The review is meant to ensure that federal funding is strategic, effective, and agile enough to keep pace with the dynamic nature of contemporary science and ensure that Canada continuously improves its standing in the global scientific community.

An arm’s length and independent Advisory Panel is conducting the review. Its focus is to determine the strengths of our current arrangements and pinpoint gaps and bottlenecks in Canada’s research funding ecosystem. By conducting consultations with funders, researchers, institutions and trainees, the Panel will derive important insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Canada’s research funding ecosystem and be in a better position to offer sound advice to the federal Minister of Science and the Government of Canada. Sets of targeted questions have been developed for the different communities within the ecosystem. These questions are aimed at gleaning information about specific topics important to the review and are meant to help the Advisory Panel find out what is working well, what could be done better, and what new opportunities may exist.

The research community is invited to participate in the online survey available through the “Participate” link of the Science Review shown at  Please note that this email may be shared with other interested stakeholders including administrators and trainees.