Ontario Centre of Excellence new health innovation fund

A collaboration between the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS) has resulted in launching a new health innovation fund that supports early evaluation, procurement and adoption of home-grown innovative technologies in Ontario’s health-care system. Full details on eligibility and application process are available on OCE’s website.  

HHS investigators interested in pursing this funding opportunity, are encouraged to reach out to Nav Kaur (OCE, Business Development Manager) who is available to consult/assist with completing the Statement Intake Form, sourcing technology providers, and linking to other funding programs available to academic research hospitals.

• The $20 million Health Technologies Fund (HTF) supports collaborations between Ontario healthcare providers and technology companies focused on evaluating and demonstrating innovative products and services that address health-system challenges.

• Current theme for projects is “Better Care Closer to Home” that focuses on home and community care through virtual, digital and mobile health care technologies (HTF does not support medicines, vaccines and drug efficacy research initiatives).

OCE will begin accepting Health Innovation Opportunity Statement Intake Forms to the HTF on July 4, 2016.