New Master Services Agreement Will Speed Up Contracts

  • November 13, 2014
  • News

Hamilton Health Sciences Research Administration is pleased to announce that we have entered into a Sole Source Master Services Agreement with Bay Area Research Logistics (BARL), a research support organization that specializes in providing clinical trial drug and device, packaging, labeling, storage and distribution with administrative support for both local and global markets. As BARL is currently the provider of choice for many HHS researchers,this agreement negatesthe need for individual contracts to be put in place on a trial by trial basis. This will help you, our researchers, expedite the logistics activitiesfor yourtrials knowing you have full confidentiality protection and quality expectations outlined and agreed to ahead of time. BARL is a division of Bay Area Health Trust (BAHT),a non-profit corporation established to return profits from products and services for local and global markets to Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation and McMaster University. By utilizing BARL for our research logistics needs,we are keeping our dollars within the HHS umbrella and helping advance patient care.

How do I initiate the process with BARL for my trial?

To initiate the process for a new trial,the following steps are required: visit to download the Clinical Trial Questionnaire;submit the questionnaire to BARL; discussions with BARL will follow to confirm trial-specific requirements;BARL will provide a quote;upon acceptance ofthe quote an HHS specific contractis executed as an addendum to the MasterHHS agreement.For more information contact BARL directly, or Katie Porter,Manager of Contracts at Research Administration.

What is the benefit of this agreement for HHS researchers?

The Master Agreement includesthe confidentiality clauses,quality expectations and insurance requirements for your project.There will no longer be a need to sign additional contractsfor Confidentiality or Quality and Liability.This willsignificantly expedite the process.Your only requirement will be to execute the addendum on trial specific requirements and costs.

What changes if I already have an agreement with BARL for a trial,how do I benefit from this? Do I need to change anything if I already have a trial agreement with BARL?

There is no required change for current research projects with BARL, continue as usual, however you are now protected under the Master Agreement with regard to the quality of service, confidentiality, and liability with BARL moving forward.

Does anything change if I am an existing client with BARL and I wish to sign another trial?

Both HHS clients and external clients follow the same process at BARL. You will continue to follow the same process as before: The Clinical Trial Questionnaire is completed and then discussions with BARL ensue to confirm the trialspecific requirements. A cost estimate isissued and at the time ofsigning for services with BARL,an HHS specific contract is executed as an addendum to the Master HHS agreement. Please contact the Manager of Research Contracts, Katie Porter at to execute the addendum. There will no longer be a need to sign additional contracts for Confidentiality or Quality and Liability which will significantly expedite the process.

What if I competitively bid and there is a cost difference?

You always have the option to competitively bid your project. If there is a cost difference you must first offer BARL the opportunity to adjust their estimate, by supplying a copy of the competitive estimate for review prior to outsourcing the work to an alternative supplier.

Note: A copy ofthe full Sole SourceMaster Agreement can be requested from theHHS Contracts department at